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Fluff fic meaning

2021. 1. 18. · Developing a great intro. Keeping your paragraphs short. Avoiding jargon. Limiting both adverbs and adjectives. Not stating the obvious. Eliminating passive voice. Keeping your content "on topic". Diligently editing/revising your content. And yet, before you can eliminate fluff, you have to know what it is.

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Jul 01, 2012 · A type of romantic short story or fanfiction, similar to the slasher in how it falls into one particular genre that is somewhat specific. A fluff story has two characters who expresss their feelings towards eachover and eventually snuggle and/or cuddle (Non-sexually), usually to the sunset or during a starry night..

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fluff definition: 1. small, loose pieces of wool or other soft material, or the down (= soft new hairs) on a young. Learn more.

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Here’s a quick definition of the fluff genre: Fluff writing is any story with a positive plot and happy ending. Fluff is popular in fanfiction and some roleplaying games. These stories tend to focus on happy themes and make readers feel good. Many consider fluff as a form of plotless writing..

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2022. 8. 8. · Fluff usually refers to a short piece of fanfic which is a little bit silly and quite cute. Often fluff-fics involve light romance, but not gratuitous sex, and may well focus on simple, everyday expressions of love. Fluffy fics usually lack conflict and tend to be quite lighthearted; however, the sweetness can be overdone, and they can become saccharine and lacking in real. Shota (shotacon)= underage yaoi. Loli (lolicon)= underage yuri or h***. Shounen ai= cute and romantic boys love that doesn't go above a K or T rating. Fluff= same thing as shounen ai. Lemon= an M rated scene with some kind of plot. PWP=absolutely no plot, just the hot stuff. lol..

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Fix Fic. "If it makes you feel any better, William Shatner went on to co-write a series of Star Trek novels in which Kirk survived and goes on adventures with McCoy and Scotty, but the ' Shatnerverse ' is not even close to canon even in the extended universe of Star Trek..

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